Cemix Goes Green-er: Bess Mining Concrete Plant now runs on Solar Energy

Bess Mining Inc, the manufacturer of Cemix Concrete, can now boast of having the most sustainable and green concrete plant in the Caribbean.

At the beginning of September, a 330 kW DC photovoltaic system, comprised of 1012 solar panels, was installed at the Black Bess, St Peter plant.

General Manager, Jason Edwards was pleased to report, “the solar panels allow us to offset our reliance on fossil fuels and the Barbados Light and Power, thereby reducing our overall carbon footprint.”

On an average day before the installation, the plant and buildings were using approximately 600 kWh/day. Now with the photovoltaic system, the plant is generating over double that amount at an average of 1386kWh/day.

Solar or photovoltaic panels provide clean – green energy. When solar panels create electricity, there are no harmful CO2 or other greenhouse gas emissions, no groundwater pollution, and we avoid depleting our natural resources.

Edwards added, “For a large manufacturer like ourselves, we know the difference it can make if we are producers of clean energy, rather than users of fossil fuels.

In addition to the environmental benefits, we expect that the system will have paid for itself fully in five years. We certainly hope that other commercial plants and businesses see this move to solar as a ‘no-brainer’ when they look at the environmental, social and financial benefits.”


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