JADA donates mobile lounge to A&E staff

The hardworking doctors and staff of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) now have an extra, dedicated space to recharge during their breaks. 

On Thursday, Feb 18, JADA donated one 20-foot air-conditioned mobile office to A&E, for the staff to enjoy.

JADA CEO, Philip Tempro, expressed his gratitude to the medical staff and entire team at the QEH. “Our relationship with the QEH is a growing one – and JADA is dedicated to supporting not only the physical structure, but also the human resources that make up this vital organisation.

This mobile office is well suited as a lounge for the staff, just off the triage area where they are constantly going non-stop. Working in construction, we certainly understand being on your feet all day, and how much relief just 5 minutes of rest can bring. We hope the doctors, nurses and support staff can have, even if, just five minutes of relief in this relentless battle they are leading in keeping Barbados safe.”

Director Engineering Services at the QEH, Paula Agbowu, shared “I am certain that the AED staff will be delighted at this offer as it will provide a measure of comfort for them and an area for some down time.”

“We hope others join Jada’s excellent leadership in supporting  the needs of staff at QEH and the isolation centers scattered across the country. Rest spaces, amenities for staff and offer of respite accommodation has been sorely lacking  and this intervention by JADA we consider to be a really big deal and we are very excited about it.”





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