The JADA Group Donates N95 Masks to QEH to help stop the spread of COVID-19

To aid in the fight against COVID-19, The JADA Group has donated just over 500 safety masks to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH)

On Tuesday, 24 March, 500 Particulate Respirator N95 masks, and disposable filter masks were presented to representatives of the QEH by Group Marketing Manager of The JADA Group, Alicia Griffith, on behalf of Managing Director, Philip Tempro. 


Nigel Whitehall (Board member, QEH) receiving the N95 masks from Group Marketing Manager, JADA Group – Alicia Griffith.


Around the world, there is a call for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), particularly N95 masks, which are the construction-grade safety masks used on building sites. These masks are known to block 95% of dust and particulates and have been identified by the World Health Organisation as essential equipment for first responders, nurses and doctors who are in contact with contagious or potentially contagious patients. Here in Barbados, is no different. 


A sample of the Particulate Respirator- N95 and Regular Filter Masks that were donated to the QEH by JADA Group of Companies.


“We at The JADA Group are fully committed to stopping the spread of this virus in any way that we can. To know that items we currently have in stock can help to save lives, it was a no-brainer to make this donation today,” Tempro shared. 

“At this time now, our primary concern remains with our teams and keeping them safe and healthy. With our sites secured and equipped with adequate masks and PPE, we look forward to continuing to work closely with the QEH and the Ministry of Health to help in any way that we can,” he continued.

Griffith added, “The safety of staff is indeed paramount and as a result, we have to maintain stock levels for masks to be readily available, as we are trying our best to ensure that sites remain open and are as sterile as they possibly can be. We have been equipping our workers with masks, antibacterial soap and sanitizer and as we move forward to combat COVID-19… once there is an opportunity to give, the Group is ready to assist.” 

Mr Nigel Whitehall, a Board member of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was present to accept the donation and took the opportunity to express gratitude to the JADA Group for a worthwhile contribution, supported the efforts made, and expressed that he “looks forward to other corporate groups trying to emulate the Group, as this feat will go down as one remarkable feat.”


Members of the JADA Group Team presenting the masks to the QEH.

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