Jada gives lumber to charities and local communities

Jada Inc has donated wood and lumber to charities, vocational schools, and neighbourhoods across the island as part of its newly launched Recycling and Sustainability Programme. Over 50,000 linear feet of used and offcut lumber in varying lengths is available for collection from Jada’s bond in Spring Hall, St. Lucy from Wednesday 1 Dec until Saturday, 4 December. The lumber included Oroco, Cedar, Purple Heart, Mahogany and Kabukalli.

CEO JADA Group Inc, parent company of Jada Inc, Philip Tempro explained “We are moving our headquarters from Spring Hall, St Lucy to Black Bess, St Peter, and have just about completed this process. Prior to COVID, we started plans for a Recycling Programme, to reduce the waste produced at our construction sites, as well as to get materials to persons and groups who would benefit. Now that we are moving our equipment out, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to launch this programme both internally and to the public.”

“We are especially looking forward to working with even more charitable and community organisations across the island. Many persons and households are still recovering from storm damage, and we know this lumber will come in handy to assist with much needed repairs,” Tempro continued.

The company has previously donated wood and lumber to vocational secondary and tertiary programmes but this initiative aims to expand that outreach to all charities and vulnerable communities in Barbados, while reducing waste from construction and the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Tempro further stated that the company will be expanding its efforts regarding environmental issues and the use of green technologies.

Already, the Black Bess, St. Peter plant, new home to the company’s headquarters, has transitioned to solar power. In September last year, the company installed a 330 kW DC photovoltaic system, comprising 1,012 solar panels that power the plant and the corporate offices.

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